20 Minute Videos of Our Sunday Morning Sermons
Video On Demand
The following videos include 20 minutes worth of our Sunday morning messages.
Full copies of Sunday morning and evening services are available for purchase in our church foyer.
(CDs are $3.00, DVDs are $5.00, shipping and handling costs apply.

Our Feature Video is an interview done by the

10/01/2017mp4628 MB10/01/2017
First Things First
10/01/2017mp4627 MB10/01/2017
Guarding The Secret Place
10/01/2017mp4629 MB10/01/2017
Missing The Miracle
10/01/2017mp4631 MB10/01/2017
10/01/2017mp4627 MB10/01/2017
By The Word Of The Lord
10/01/2017mp4633 MB10/01/2017
10/31/2013wmv7 MB10/31/2013
10/31/2013mov7 MB10/31/2013